09 May, 2016

Trying to Escape

details // on body
skin: vco ~ pony 001
hair: [nani] nuri.hair (fatpack) 12th @gen-neutral
body: maitreya mesh body

dress: something. i wanna be your maid - rare 2
sandals: *may's soul* akira okobo new @fantasy carnival

flowers staff: *may's soul* akira staff new @fantasy carnival
petals: *may's soul* akira petals new @fantasy carnival
filter: *may's soul* akira love filter new @fantasy carnival
bed: .tree {spring time} {stool bed} {11} rare new @chapter four
side table: .tree {spring time} {side table} {1} new @chapter four
storage boxes: .tree {spring time} {storage boxes} {10} new @chapter four
clock 1: .tree {spring time} {paint alarm clock} {7} new @chapter four
clock 2: .tree {spring time} {floral alarm clock} {10} new @chapter four
clock 3: .tree {spring time} {cat alarm clock} {6} rare new @chapter four
cupcakes: !six o'clock! rosed cupcakes - rare
unicorn: fawny - the legend of unicorns - decor 1
flying sheep: +half-deer+ kerfluffle sheep - bubblegum 10
chicks: 11/{anc} happy end park. color little chick (natural)

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