22 August, 2013

it´s just another day

hair TRUTH HAIR Elaine [Roots] - LightBrowns01 *NEW* tysm truth <3
eyes AL vulo ! anemone jade eyes (part of skin)
skin al vulo Cecilia natural brown brow sunkissed for The Black Fair 2013 *NEW* tysm hlin <3

teeth [PXL] Mouth_open_Addon_v6
nails Izzie's 80's Round Nails

top & skirt *.:Nostalgia:.* Knit & skirt White > gacha *NEW* tysm nosanta <3
socks Kyoot Lacey White Knee Socks @ Marketplace
shoes [monso] My Leather Oxford tysm morphine <3

necklace .+*AA*+. rain drop necklace *blue green

hat {mon tissu} Feather Wrapped Fedora > groupt gift* fee to join
bag ::C'est la vie!:: Embroidery clutch (green) for L’accessoires *NEW* tysm coco <3

pose (marukin) adularescent (Valencia Southard)

xoxo Druuna <3

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