29 December, 2012

Bitch Elf

29 December, 2012 - Posted by Selena Mortmagus on 9:12 PM with No comments

Skin "Fuyu" Izzie's
Eyes "Sinistre /natural grey" Dead Apples
Shape Poison
Hair "Valerie" Wasabi Pills - NEW
Bobbies "Tango" Lolas
Corset "RockStar /Universe Stargate" (Gang/Cold) - NEW
Pants "Basic Leggings Blue" *Crazy*
Boots "An Angel /black blue" (Gang/Cold) - NEW
Pose (photo 1) Focus Poses

Elf Ears Panda Express
Piercings "Dismisal 2" Pekka
Necklace "Jewelled Skull and Heart" Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets & Ring "Ramona 77" Maxi Gossamer
Nails "Long Metallic" Izzie's

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